Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moving Day

     October has arrived and we have finished our move to Eagle Mountain Ranch in Arlington.  It is so nice to be so welcomed and warmly received.  Thank you to Kim, Alberto and all their family and staff for everything they have done.  I look forward to working out of their lovely facility.  You must see the view!  It makes me joyful to see the mountains, they're so beautiful, they make one serene and peaceful.
     Being peaceful in your heart is a great place to be when you're working with your horse.  The quieter and calmer you are, the more your horse will be also.  It sounds old and trite but it's also so true.  I always say that it's not your horse's responsibility to take care of you, but it it's your responsibilty to take care of him.  Working with your horse in a steady, calm and focused manner is part of that responsibility.
     And by the way, the picture in last week's blog is Joanne Salisbury and VP Midnitestranger+// ("Wes") carrying the U.S. Flag in the opening ceremonies at Canadian Nationals this year.  It was quite a privilege to be given that honor!  God bless America.

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