Sunday, October 9, 2011

Schooling Shows

     Fall is a good time to consider attending a schooling show.  These shows are wonderful opportunities to practice and they're good places to get green or novice horses and novice people started.  Sometimes we take young horses and get them a stall just to let them hang out; letting them adjust to the show atmosphere without any pressure.  This is really helpful for them and I personally like to pair inexperienced horses with 'buddies' that have seen a bit of the world.
     Schooling shows help new riders learn to "read" traffic in the show ring and get comfortable in a show setting.  These shows are also good for riders and horses that have show ring expertise and savy but need to work on some problems - problems such as listening to the announcer, anticipating the line up, jigging at the walk, not standing quietly in line etc.
     It is my firm belief that these shows are not about winning.  That comes later.  Schooling shows in the Fall and Winter are to help you and your horse get ready for bigger things to come next Spring. Use these opportunities well and it will pay off!  JD

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