Sunday, September 25, 2011

Showring Pitfalls

     This week I'll talk about some of the pitfalls people make when going to a horseshow.  Too many people "psyche themselves out" by worrying about who's at the show, who's watching, what horses are in their class, how much someone's saddle cost etc.  Instead, riders should stay focused on their horse and themselves.  Don't ride for the win or to "beat" a certain competitor, instead, ride to the best of your and your horse's ability and the winning will take care of itself in time.  Ultimately, the goal is to be the best horseperson you can be.
     Remember, train and prepare your horses at home, not at a show.  When showing, keep your routine as much like home as possible but ride the horse you have.  If something needs to changing or improvement, work it out at home where things are familiar, this gives your horse confidence and helps him relax when he's showing.  A relaxed and confident horse will give his best in the show ring.  Talk to you next week! JD

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