Sunday, March 23, 2014


     Definition:  Efficient = Productive with minimum of waste or effort.

     One thing I take a small amount of pride in, is that over the years I have learned to be an efficient trainer.  Now, this does not mean that I rush things or work in a hurry because that is most definitely not the case.
     What I mean is that I don't waste time on things that have proven to not get the results I want.  I have learned to let my horses tell me when to move onward, or add a level of complexity.  I have carefully honed my skills so that the techniques I use get results, and, of course results are the
ultimate key to success in anything you do. 
     I'm constantly assessing and re-assessing every ride to make sure there is real progress.  I am quite happy with slow progress but progress none-the-less.  I believe the turtle most often wins over the hare and that if you hurry and rush, often you must go backwards to "fix" a problem that has arisen.  I see this happening frequently to people.
     To be truly efficient, you cannot try to teach a horse something he is not yet ready to learn.  For example, don't begin trying to teach a side-pass if the horse isn't yet willing to move his rib cage off your leg. Or, don't start to teach a horse to spin before your horse easily crosses over in front.  Don't try to teach a horse to back between poles before he backs readily and straight without poles.  I think you get my point....
     I hope these thoughts help you consider how you might make your program more efficient and get results!  Talk to you next week, JD