Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Father

Sunday was my father's birthday.  Why am I writing about this?  Well, because my father was an old time horseman.  So continuing with my thoughts from last week, I would like to honor my father for basic things he taught me about horses and some of the things I think about often:
     1) Be smarter than your horse.
     2) Try to see the world through your horse's eyes and think the way he would in any situation that  
     might arise.
     3) Give your horses your undivided attention when working with them.
     4) Be patient.
     5) Remember they are herd animals which means they have strong fear/flight instinct and need a leader.
     6) The leader must have earned respect.  Life depends on it in the wild.  There is respect first, then trust.
     7) Watch how horses relate to one another in a field or pasture.  The bigger the area, the more horses, 
     the better window into their world it is for you to observe.
     8) Don't lose your temper - then you accomplish nothing.
     9) Punish accordingly.  A misdemeanor deserves a small reprimand, a felony demands a more severe
     response.  Do it immediately then move on.
     10) Do not hold a grudge against your horse.  Horses live in the moment and so should you when
     you're working with them.
See you next week!  JD

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