Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's a Process

To quote Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson "it's a process".  Oh, how true. You must respect "the process" and go through each and every step of that same progression with your horse, showing patience all the way through.  This is how champions are made!

Too often, people want to rush their horse's progress and, just like a quarterback who's unsure of himself runs out of the pocket before letting the play develop, the results are usually not great.  Just like that play, horses take time to develop - sometimes, a lot of time.  But, the discipline it takes to give a horse the opportunity to develop properly will yield many benefits, not the least of which are dependability and longevity.

This philosophy goes along with another Seahawks axiom: "learn the fundamentals and do them as well as you  possibly can".  Strong fundamentals are so important for both horse, and rider.  It can be tempting to jump ahead and start doing things you see others doing but, without understanding the fundamentals that the technique is based on you have no foundation to build upon.  The better you are at the fundamentals then the more solid everything you build onto them will be. You and your horse will make true forward progress.

In short, there really are no short cuts in horsemanship.  It's taken Russell Wilson a lifetime of play and four years with the team to develop into the quarterback he is today.  Don't rush, respect "the process", go through the steps and use your own off season to improve both your and your horse's fundamentals!  Talk to you soon, JD