Monday, September 5, 2011

SS Ekspresev +// at Canadian Nationals w/ Joanne Salisbury

This year Joanne Salisbury showed her two trail horses very successfully - winning Ameteur Trail at both Region 5 and Canadian Nationals.  It was with much satisfaction that I watched Joanne and her beloved VP Midnitestranger +// ("Wes") be so competitive after he was seriously hurt in 2009.  And it was so much fun to see her come together with her "new" horse SS Ekspresev +// ("Ex") at Region 5 and Cdn Nationals.  It has been my pleasure to train both of these talented and lovely horses for her. 

I also want to say what a pleasure it was to watch LaRae Fletcher-Powell ride "Poison" at both Region 5 and Cdn Natls- he's a great Trail horse.  Joanne and Ex were Reserve Champion with LaRae and Poison as Champion in Open Trail at both shows.  Joanne and Ex won both Amateur classes with Wes going Top 5 in both at Regionals and Top 10 (3rd in both) in both at Nationals.  Wes also had the high score in the open semi-final in Canada and ended up being beaten only be Poison and his own stablemate Ex!  What a great comeback for Joanne and Wes and great new beginnining for Joanne and Ex - see you again next year at Nationals!  JD

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