Sunday, May 4, 2014

Making Friends

  Ok, I may be biased, but I think horse people are some of the best people on earth!  They work hard, play hard (if they ever get the time!), love their horses, are crazy about their dogs, are competitive but are always willing to help when needed.  No pulling on face masks here, if you get my drift, horse people are just horse people at their core.
     I've made long lasting friendships on the show circuit just by sharing a cup of coffee on a cold morning or sipping a glass of wine with someone after a long day.  I've made friends by loaning out something simple to someone in need - like a crop or a longe line or some tail wrap.  I've made friends by helping someone with a pattern or just by holding a horse.  Sometimes it's the little things that can bring people together and really make such a difference.
     I've shown a lot of breeds and I think what makes Arabian shows so nice is the camaraderie.  People mingle between disciplines and mingle between barns.  While I'm walking the dogs, people often stop to ask about them and it's a nice way to start a conversation that builds beyond what we show.  Almost anybody at the show will help you when asked.  If you forgot something, someone will probably be able to help you out and they do it so gladly! 
     These examples are among the reasons why I became an Arabian enthusiast.  It's not just the horses I love, it's the people too!  Talk to you next week, JD.

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