Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Old Saying

     As the old saying goes: "time is money"  So true!  And, so all of us must use our time in the most efficient manner possible.  Often, this means evaluating what our goals are, where we want to end up, and prioritizing accordingly.  As with training....  Focus on a goal then decide what needs to be done to accomplish the end result.  Also, consider the time factor if there is one - for example, aiming to compete in a Fall Futurity - what must occur between "now" and "then" to make it happen?
    Also, consider whether you're teaching the horse what it needs to learn for the discipline you are riding.  To do otherwise is inefficient and a "waste of time".
    Many people mix up techniques that don't go well together.  This just makes everything more complicated to say the least.  I firmly believe that one must fully understand every maneuver and technique when riding.  For instance, an opening rein when used on a young colt is absolutely the correct technique but, it is of limited value (i.e. usually a waste of time) when working with an advanced horse. 
     Spend your time with your horse wisely and you'll reap the rewards!  Talk to you next week, JD

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