Sunday, October 20, 2013


     We all owe so much to great breeders and the great trainers that have gone before us.  We also owe much to the farriers' skill and the veterinary science that has been developed in the past (and can you imagine what is yet to come? - wow!)
     From my earliest memories as a serious horseman, I have watched and studied the horsemen I admired.  I counted myself among the priveleged few to have this opportunity.
     We recently lost a wonderful horsewoman, Dian Morris.  Dian was not only a fine horseman but a lovely person.  She was a credit to the industry.
     We have many fine older horsemen that have so much to share and give.  Their knowledge is temendous.  I really urge all of you to find these living treasures and get to know them - some may live right near you, like Dian.  Take the time to get to know then and by all means learn from them.  We will not have them forever!
     I love to get these men and women talking about the horses they knew and have trained, and shown.  I like to hear all about their careers and equine experiences.  I always come away with an increased appreciation for these horsemen who, so to speak, lighted the way for the rest of us!  Talk to you next week, JD.

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