Sunday, September 15, 2013


     Believe it or not, horses are not for everyone!  Sometimes, they're not even right for people who really admire or "love" horses.  As I watch horse shows and other competitions shrink, and I observe that all major breed registries are down, I can't help but wonder if maybe this decrease was inevitable. 
     The first thing that comes to mind is that this "horse show thing" is only for workaholics (yeah, you know who you are!).  It's not for people who want to quarterback from the couch or those who are afraid to work hard and get dirty and tired, and possibly even, but hopefully not, hurt.  It also takes a good deal of money and time which means that most of you must work, work, work and then spend all your vacation time at horse-related events.  And, it means that someone like me must make a life-long obsession into my life's work.
     I truly don't think all people have the right personality to be horsemen.  Some people don't want to work hard enough and others just don't have the skill to become competent around horses.  One must learn "horse sense" and some people just can not learn to read horses at all.  Yes, it's a learned skill - like a second language - but trying to learn this at an older age without being around a variety or horses can be very difficult. 
     All that said I think that with the right coach or trainer, AND with a suitable horse, AND with an attitude and willingness to get dirty, get tired, get sore, AND all rolled up in the patience it takes learn to read horses and ride horses, many more people could enjoy this sport we all love so much!  Talk to you next week!  JD

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