Sunday, March 24, 2013


     I never ride a green horse then just turn him out.  Conversely, I never bring a green or problem horse straight in from turn-out then immediately work him.  I believe many horses, especially the more-difficult horses and young horses should stand tied before you work them and after you work them.  This can be in cross-ties or in their stall and, the better their work the less time they're tied, the more difficult they are or were, the longer they stand tied.  I've found there are horses that actually do much better with a steady routine of work and a steady handling before and after their work.
     I also don't believe that just turning-out a problem horse is the solution to anything.  Many horses seem to go wild very quickly - losing respect and any desire to work - making solving the problem sometimes more difficult.  That said though, I must stress that I turn-out all my horses, regardless of age or training level, on a regular basis.  I also am a strong believer in turning out horses before a long trailer ride and after a show. 
    Every horse needs to feel the sun and fresh air and get the break that turn-out can bring.  I just believe that structuring turn-out around a horse's work schedule, age, issues, etc. can bring many added dividends to you both.  See you next week, JD!  (Blessed are the brood mares - best wishes to all of you with new foals on the way this Spring!)

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