Sunday, March 3, 2013


     Here's the question - can you take an average horse and win against very good horses, horses that are better bred perhaps and certainly have more natural talent?  Now this is an interesting qutesion and one on which I have a definite opinion.
     The short answer is yes.  There are many ifs, ands, and buts that go with that positive answer though.  The most important part is finding a job the horse really likes and I mean really likes.  Remember that some horses will never have a discipline that they really and truly like to perform.  To beat more talented horses, this horse also has to have a great work ethic as well.
     You must work with the horse in a manner that encourages him and allows him to be "proud" of himself rather than frustrated.  A real sense of accomplishment rather than (just) labor and lather.  This is very important.
     The training must be slow and methodical.  Always looking for and finding the weak areas then looking for ways to help the horse succeed.  These horses really need focus.  You just keep showing them and helping them along the way and the results can be stunning.
     Some of the best human athletes are not the most talented ones but instead, the ones that wanted it the most.  Horses can truly want to perform too.  We just have to allow and help them to develop properly.  This takes time and thought and focus on your part too but it is the mark of a good horseman, one who can achieve a goal with his horse.
     Some of my favorite horses have been these types, they're worth the effort and the results can be wonderful!  See you next week, JD.

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