Sunday, April 15, 2012


     There is a saying "blessed are the brood mares".  I love this saying and always think of it when I see a good mare with her foal.  We all want nice mares to breed and pass on their genes but mares contribute so much more than that.  Mares give much more to the personality of a foal than the stallion.
     I believe good minds in horses are not only inherited but also formed by these really wonderful mares.  These matrons give their foals such a good start in life.  The great matrons are calm and easy going, not fretting and worrying, yet they are watchful and show concern. They stand with their babies in a confident manner, while showing trust and respect for people.  This helps foals find their proper place in the human herd and just makes everything easier.
     When the time comes to turn them out with other mares and foals, it is really helpful if the mare has an established place in the herd.  An easy-going place that is safe and fun for a foal to grow.  I personally prefer horses that were raised by the more dominant mares but not by tyrants who push and bully thier way around.  Those babies can become difficult as they have been taught to have their own way and that can mean a hard collision with humans when the time comes to fit into their human herd. 
     But back to my point, the wonderful mares know when to discipline their foals when they get out of line and they give them protection and safety when needed.  They are patient and affectionate, kind and "worldy-wise".  The all important bond between a great mare and foal gives that foal a great start in life.  See you next week!  JD   (P.S.  My congratulations to Angela Wilson and Anita Maguire on their new addition, filly Bristol Bey - pictured here with their wonderful mare Ella -  x Quick Silver Bey ++++//.)

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