Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horses and Football

     I received news recently that a lovely mare who competes with Joanne Salisbury's Sport Horse Rosies First Gold ++/ has been seriously injured.  As all of you know, I admire good horses and it's distressing when a good horse is hurt.  Now these two mares really competed with one another.  On any given day, either one could win.  This made for a healthy competition - everyone trying their best.  It's why we go to horse shows and it propels the sport ever forward.
     Now compare this to teams like the New Orleans Saints.  How sad that players were allegedly paid to hurt others from the opposing teams and were encouraged to "take other players out", sometimes caused lasting injuries.  This unfortunate attitude is shameful - how any sport could stoop so low, I really can't imagine.
     Getting back to horses, most of us who have shown horses for a while understand that good sportsmanship makes for a healthy atmosphere that allows our sport to grow and can help it to thrive.  Part of good sportsmanship is caring for one another, not being gleeful at another competitor's misfortune.  It's all part of being a good horseman.
     When VP Midnitestranger+// was hurt, many people, including those he competed against, wished him well and a speedy recovery.  People made the effort to show their concern and it really helped during a difficult time.  This kind of outreach helps create a sense of community because we all know what it's like to have a injured or sick horse.
     In closing, I wish "Annie Get Your Gun" a speedy and full recovery.  I hope to see her and her rider at shows again soon!   See you next week, JD

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