Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Glamorous Scottsdale

     There's been much said about the big Scottsdale Show.  I doubt that I can add more to what's already been said but if you show Arabians, Scottsdale is like Mecca.  It also draws many horsemen from different breeds as well as bringing nonhorsemen into the melee. 
     People attend for various reasons, one reason is to see the coming year's National contenders. That gives you a chance to see how you stack up against them.  I have both shown at Scottsdale and gone as a visitor and I highly recommend watching the show even if you don't show Arabians.  (And I especially recommend it if you're tired of rain, snow and sleet!)
     There are many arenas all going at once so you can really pick and choose what you want to see at any given time.  The shopping is great - everything horse-related and more - and of course lots of good food to choose from.  If there's a downside, that would be it - too many great things to choose from.  Sound like fun?  Well it is.  It's also one of the best run horse shows in the country.  This is a huge, colorful event that everyone should go to at least once.    
     But all of the above are not my personal favorite things about Scottsdale.  The thing that keeps drawing me back is the chance to watch great horsemen doing their thing.  It is really informative to stand on the warm-up ring rail and watch wonderful horses being worked and readied for their respective classes.  This show is a very good opportunity to learn technique as well as help you find out what you like and dislike about different training methods and different horses.  It can certainly help you when you get home and need to pick a trainer or coach and it can also help you in picking out your next prospect.   See you next week!  JD

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