Sunday, December 18, 2011

What keeps me inspired?

     What keeps me inspired?  The simple answer is the lifelong desire to be the best horseperson I could be.  I have always sought to understand the processes of training and all of the ancillary parts that make it happen.  I am still fascinated by the simple act of consistent repetition and a horse's ability to associate that with the desired response, along with the memory it takes to achieve a "trained" horse.
     I don't believe any horse is ever finished in their training.  There is always more fine tuning to do and more stylistic change to achieve.  I think this is especially true for the working horses.  Trail horses for example can always learn to do more difficult obstacles and in the process, they can become more confident.  As you gradually change and increase the levels of difficulty, a horse that has the ability and talent will be kept interested in his job.  You see this in cutting horses, reining horses and other working horses.  All of my horses have gotten better and better in their work over time (except in cases of unforeseen injury or illness). 
     I love to see a horse be proud of themselves - show off their talents - what a joy it is to watch!  Talk to you next week.  JD

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