Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

As I take a break today between baking pies, roasting peppers and starting the prime rib for tonight's feast, it makes me think what a wonderful time of year this can be if you break your routine and make time to enjoy friends and family and everything else that makes the season great.

I like to break the routine at the barn too this time of year.  The horses all know their jobs, there aren't any pressing shows for a month or two and clients are busy with their own families so I love to let the horses take a break too.  We still work them and make sure to get them out but rides are shorter, courses are less complex and we definitely just take some days off (especially "Seahawks Sundays!").  I think the break in routine is good for them mentally.  We all recharge our batteries a little before the new year starts. 

I hope you can take a break to enjoy the season too and from my family to yours - both two legged and four legged - Merry Christmas!  Talk to you soon, JD.

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