Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why Do We Do This?

     As I get home from one show today (another 400+ miles on the truck & trailer but well worth it!) and head straight to my office to get the paperwork in order for the next, I like to remember that all this is more about the horses than it is about me.  We had a wonderful show and spent a great time with old and new friends but I think that very often people get busy and forget that it's about the horse.  We do this, or should do this, for the love of horses not just the desire for a trophy.  We do it to further the
breeds and the art of horsemanship.  And, for trainers hopefully to share our knowledge with others.
     Yes, I like to win just as much as the next person.  Winning has put bread and butter on my table for many, many years, but if you forget to put the horses first and foremost things just get kind of crazy.      
     I take great pride in my personal horsemanship and training abilities and I take pride in my horses and my riders and their accomplishments.  I think demonstrating good horsemanship skills influence others to try a little harder.  It furthers the cause, so to speak.  Horses are such a privilege  to be around and to learn about.  They are great teachers as well if we're willing to listen.  Being a horseman is a lifelong journey for those of us who have chosen this path.
     I believe horses are one of the greatest gifts mankind has received over the millennia.  Horsemanship has evolved for thousands of years and I hope everyone involved with horses feels great pride in being a part of the world-wide community of horsemen.  Best of luck to those of you who are heading out to show, and warm thoughts to others who are heading down the trail - whatever you enjoy, remember it's about our love of the horse!  See you next week, JD.

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