Sunday, February 10, 2013


     Here are some quick hints I think you will find useful.  First hint, when using training equipment such as martingales, draw reins, german martingales etc., don't get heavy with your hands or allow your horse get heavy (pull) either.  When used properly, these are great aids and make life easier for both horse and rider.  But the downside is, if this equipment is not used properly you'll only end up further from your goal than when you started.
     Second hint, know when to move on, when to get out of training equipment that adds all that extra leverage.  If you stay too long in some training equipment, you and your horse will become dependent on it.
     Remember that in correcting any problem with a horse, you have to be very careful not to create another problem that is, maybe, worse than what you were attempting to correct in the first place!  I hope these short hints get you thinking and you find them helpful.  See you next week, JD

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