Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where do they come from?

     Ideas that is - where on earth do they come from?  For me, they come from my everyday experiences.  Often I think and write about occurences at the barn, things I see at shows, conversations I have with other professionals, amateurs and friends.  Many times, it's the horses I work that get me thinking.  And sometimes, I just go down memory lane.
     Often times, people struggle to find solutions to their horse problems, but too often they are looking for answers that won't fit into their horse's make-up.  In other words, just because you "get it" doesn't mean your horse will.  People need to be open to ideas - both old and new - as they work with their horses.
     The past often informs the present.  Because I've been in this business so many years and I've had the pleasure of dealing with a large variety of horses and people, I can see a bigger picture than people who are less experienced.  Many times I also see issues that are not very apparent to others and I can come up with solutions - or ideas about solutions - that are not so apparent either.  My thoughts and ideas are as influenced by my mistakes as they are my successes.  I believe you learn by making mistakes and I've never been ashamed to admit mine.
     As I continue to write this blog into the new year I'll be watching and thinking.  I'll keep remembering the ideas that come from the old horsemen who started teaching me many years ago  but, I'll also be watching the current horsemen I admire, of all ages and disciplines (and trust me, there are alot of them!) to keep my ideas fresh.  See you next week!  JD   

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