Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Takes Time

     Training any horse takes a period of time.  First, their foundation must be secure.  Then add layer to layer, never progressing faster than your horse can comfortably absorb.  The training process has to be about bringing out the best in your horse.
     If you take time, good things can and do happen.  Firstly, you can truly assess your horse's personality and his ability to do the job.  Secondly, you will not become their adversary.  On the contrary, your horse will probably learn to enjoy his work (assuming he has the aptitude for it).  Remember, horses are achievers and good working horses are bred to work.  Take the time to find out what your horse is able to do and likes to do.  Don't force it, don't try to make a reining horse out of a hunter pleasure prospect, etc.
     And don't forget to take a little extra time to vary your horse's routine.  It really helps them learn and keeps them fresh and interested.  I like to ride them outside whenever possible, both in the outdoor arena and just around the ranch.  The extra bonus is that you will both enjoy the diversion!  See you next week.  JD

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