Sunday, September 30, 2012

Believe in Your Horse

     We often hear discussions about believing in ourselves as riders, as competitors.  About having confidence and faith in our abilities.  This is so important.  Without that belief we cannot accomplish our goals.
     That being said though, there is another side to this discussion that is often ignored.  Belief in your horse.  If you have partnered with a horse that is suitable for its job and likes what it is doing (very important!), a horse that is well trained and prepared physically and mentally (showing confidence) you now are ready for the rigors of competition.  The final piece is believing in your equine partner.  This is the frosting on the cake. 
     You are a team and must perform as such.  If you don't have confidence in your partner, he can not and will not perform to the best of his abilities.  When you believe in your horse as well and as much as yourself, your personal confidence will increase and everything just gets easier.
     One of the gifts of riding good horses is what they can do for us.  But firstly, we must care for them to the best of our ablities.  We must respect them for the amazing athletes they are and, of course love them.
     Lastly, we must believe in their ablilities and talents.  In their willingness to do their job well.  Believing in your horse equates with being proud of your horse.  So ride with price - you and he deserve it!   See you next week, JD.

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