Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Next Generation

     I firmly believe in passing on knowledge to the next generation.  In the past I have taught some fine young people who have long since grown up.  Now I watch them become wonderful parents.  They are passing on the lessons of responsibility, hard work, respect, discipline and love of animals.  All the while, instilling confidence in their children.  In short, skills than will help them throughout their lives. It is now my priviledge to work with this new generation.  Teaching them these lessons through horsemanship.
     Horsemanshp is one of the oldest skills and traditions in the world.  It encompasses so much more than just riding.  The "art" of horsemanship has been developed over many centuries and continues to evolve today.  I love this tradition and the dedication it takes to truly understand and respect the work, knowledge and thought that has gone into making horsemanship what it is now.  We who are horsemen need always to be cognizant of who and what has preceded us.  We must now pass this knowledge onward.
     It is my fervent desire to teach this wonderful thing called horsemanship!   See you next week.  JD    

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